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Bar Code: 4823058311043
Size: M
Quantity, psc/pack: 10
Quantity, pack/box: 18
Print Name: Disposable nitrile gloves 10pcs (М) МЖ
Marking: 1043 CD
Brand: melochi zhizni
Group: Gloves

 Universal disposable gloves made of nitrile which forms much more reliable protection barrier from aggressive chemicals, as compared with natural latex. Its puncture resistance is much higher than that of the latex, and other films used to manufacture gloves. Typically, the tensile strength is also considerably higher. The data gloves keep high sensitivity, so they are very convenient to wash dishes (including the thin glass), beauty treatments, etc. Due to its high strength, you can work with chemicals, engage in gardening, repairs and even used in hand-washing. Available in sizes S, M, L.

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