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Kitchen sponge

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Bar Code: 4823058317212
Size: 10х7х3,5 cm
Quantity, psc/pack: 2
Quantity, pack/box: 20
Print Name: Scouring sponge fibre naturale 2 pcs Domi
Marking: 7212 DI
Brand: DOMI
Group: Kitchen sponge
Short Description:

FIBRA NATURALE (Italian) - a natural fiber. Kitchen sponges for cleaning delicate dish with a Teflon-coated and stainless steel, glass and plastic ware. Waterproof foam layer with large pores provides better foaming detergent quickly and easily washes off. Rubbing the sponge layer (fiber) is manufactured using natural materials (40%). The basis of natural materials - agave (sisal) with the addition of crushed walnut shells and hazelnut. Due to the natural rigidity of natural fiber materials quickly and easily cleans dirt. It is recommended to use gloves to protect your hands from the hard impact of fiber.

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