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Kitchen sponge

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Bar Code: 4823017400078
Quantity, pc: 1
Size: 9,5х6,3х3,9 sm
Quantity, psc/pack: 1
Quantity, pack/box: 45
Print Name: Kitchen sponge
Marking: 0078 CD
Brand: melochi zhizni
Group: Kitchen sponge
A unique feature:
Износостойкая фибра
Short Description:

Kitchen sponges is used for cleaning the dirty surfaces (utensils) with/without cleansers. 


 The shape of the sponge provides a comfortable using. It is perfectly hold in the hand and protects nails from damages. Enlarged layer of foam rubber provides even removing dirt from the place and longer period of using. The rough layer of the sponge (fiber) has a firm influence on the surface of utensils, and takes out dirt without scratching it.

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