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Celebrate the Easter with TM “Melochi Zhizni”

The Easter or the Day of God’s Son rose – is one of the main holidays in Ukraine. Traditionally this day should be celebrated with a family. The families go to the church, visit their old parents or make picnics.

The Easter’s food is very important for fasting people, because it is so desirable to taste sweet Easter cake, juicy steak or colorful eggs. But food-lovers usually can get digestive problems (because of fat and junk food), when they start eat after fasting.

How can we get out of it? First of all, you can use the parchment TM “Melochi Zhizni” during the baking of Easter cakes. It has the silicone cover that will protect a cake from burning and will absorb an extra fat. Also try to use the sleeve for baking TM “Melochi Zhizni”, it will make your meat dishes less fat. The sleeve is a heat-resistant polymer membrane, which helps to cook meat and fish in the microwave or normal oven. When you cook in the sleeve, you shouldn’t use extra butter or oil. A meat in the sleeve has stew in its own juice.

“Krashanka” is another Easter symbol. The coloring of “krashankas” can be an interesting job for children and adult. The cracksin the shell are only thing that can destroy the process of coloring. But if you wrap each egg in the TM “Melochi Zhizni” foil, the one shell will stay unbroken.

Such “magic wands” from TM “Melochi Zhizni” assortment you can buy in any supermarket. But only in the shops “Veluka Kusheniya” (from 6th to 12th of April) you can get foil and parchment for 13, 99 uah.

Have a nice Easter!

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