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A “bath day” for your bathroom with TM “Melochi Zhizni”

How often a woman wants to indulge herself by hot bath with foam and aromatic oils? One time a week? And do you remember how many years have you been repairing and furnishing your bathroom? The bathroom also wants to be washed one time a week. And the most attention should be paid for the furniture and the tile.

In the bathroom usually a few units of furniture (cabinet for means and detergents, flasket) and large household appliances are based. But all furniture is get wet often, because of “tidiness” of Ukrainians. That’s why you should always hang about few natural cellulose moisture-absorbing wipes of TM “Melochi Jizni”. You can buy them in any supermarket. This wipe can absorb in 5 times more water, compare to its weigh. So using the wipes TM “Melochi Jizni” can protect your bath-furniture from the moisture.

The tile is also has to be kept clear and dry, in other case you have a risk to get some mold. Try to look after your tile with universal cellulose wipes of TM “Melochi Jizni”. You will never have problems with mold, if you clean tile one time a week with wipes of TM “Melochi Jizni”.

It is easy and pleasantly to buy this tandem: “Natural cellulose moisture-absorbing wipes” and “Universal cellulose wipesof TM “Melochi Jizni in the ”Veluka Kushenia” markets per 11,99 uhy (discount 36%).

Dear Housewives, please, take care about yourself and don’t forget about your bathroom!

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