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"Quality Mark" noted the work of employees Ergopack Ltd. April 28, 2011 on Channel "Inter" in the "sign yakostі" took place on product testing, which is essential in the oven for cooking a juicy meat or fish - food foil. It is familiar not only Ukrainian housewives, but many workers Ergopack factory, which operates one of the most powerful industrial complexes for the production of foil in Ukraine. Curious leader, Konstantin Grubich, during the program sought to dispel all fears of consumers about the dangers of using food aluminum (the material of which produce the foil), as well as to evaluate the quality of products of the national producer. To do this, he has tested five brands of foil: 1) Little things of life; 2) Miss side; 3) bonus; 4) Clever; 5) Skarbnichka. The program evaluated the goods experts (consumers) and experts in economics, chemistry, physics. Eighteen of the forty international experts have identified a foil TM "Little things of life" standard because of its density, elasticity, and visual appeal. And experts on consumer rights were pleasantly surprised by the completeness of information on the wrapper foil TM "Trifles of Life" and the absence of defects in the package. Results of overall assessment showed that all indicators foil production Kanevsky TM "Trifles of Life" the best. And as said Konstantin Grubich: "For this program," Mark yakostі "responsible head". Congratulations to all employees of an industrial complex factory Ergopack with national recognition for their work quality temple, which they have long deserved. More information about the program, please visit Inter TV Channel
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